Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Danbury CT

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Danbury CT

Sanding Wood Floors Danbury CT

Need your Hardwood Floor Refinished?

Danbury Painting  offers a detailed oriented hardwood floor refinishing service in Danbury CT and all of Fairfield County. Hardwood floor refinishing is an affordable way to spruce up your space without a full floor replacement.


If you’re not sure if your hardwood floor needs refinishing, put a few drops of water on it and if the water soaks in immediately, it’s time for a Hardwood floor refinish.If your floor is damaged, stained or has wax over the finish or cracked chipping and flaking polyurethane, you’ll need to sand to bare wood.

Danbury Painting is absolutely dedicated to the finishing & refinishing of your hard wood floor and polyurethane coating. We professionally sand wood floors, finish and refinish all wood floors accurately and meticulously. This is a flooring service that this Painting Company does very very well, we use a special blend of polyurethane and we apply conditioners to the entire surface prior to staining and our process is simple. Danbury Painting will Stain and polyurethane all your Hardwood floors right- the first time.

Their are so many different stain colors to choose from ( let us help you in deciding a color) and there are also many different poly sheens to select from. You might not want a high gloss coated floor, in this case we would recommend a satin coating, or you might want it to look as reflective as fresh cleaned glass. Which would obviously be a high sheen product. Ultimately you can bet that Danbury Painting knows what were doing when it comes to prepping, sanding and professionally coating your wood floor, we also install laminate floors and wood floors too.

What ever the request rest assured, when you need a beautiful long lasting durable and CLEANABLE wood floor then you need Danbury Painting for all your flooring needs