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Danbury Painting

29 Starr Rd Danbury CT

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A One of a kind company that offers a simplistic method to professional contracting service at a realistic price.

  • Interior Painting

    Danbury Painting provides pristine interior painting service to all residential, high end residential property. Choose any color and chose any sheen of paint and Danbury Painting will do the rest. Have the interior walls and ceilings of your bedroom or living space painted today.
  • Exterior Painting Service

    All exterior painting service includes a standard wash of the substrate and exterior painting products are guaranteed to last a very long time. Painting all Aluminum Siding, Wood Siding, Brick and Concrete, even Vinyl Siding and Roofs can be painted by Danbury Painting.

  • Rental Repairs and Repaints

    Do you have a damaged rental property from a past crazy tenant? Give Danbury Painting a call we’ll have it fixed up in no time,rent ready! We can pull carpets, install new floors, Paint the ceilings and Walls of your rental property quickly and cost effective. All drywall will be repaired we also remove any and all stickers, crayon, stain from all walls. What ever the case may be Danbury Painting understands that you need to have the property back on the market- affordably Fast.

  • All Insurance Claims

    Dealing with insurance claims can be a headache, let Danbury Painting fight for you! we can talk with the adjuster and explain why your project is worth more.
  • Industrial Painting

    All forms of industrial coating systems, epoxy application, DTM, Macro Epoxy, All concrete surface and metal surfaces. Danbury Painting is your expert industrial coating specialist saving you money, your project will go way beyond today’s standards in coating application.
  • Commercial Painting

    Blue print plans? Pages of Specifications? no problem, call Danbury Painting today and well help you keep your Commercial Painting deadline. Interior or exterior, We know you have a schedule to keep and we’re here to help you keep that schedule. Following all plans and specifications exactly, we are prompt everyday and the job gets done,efficiently, you will see the daily progress and be happy with our painting service and the outcome of your building.
  • Residential Painting

    This is an easy one, never the less, so important and Danbury Painting can turn your dream home into a reality. Helping you choose any color and helping you to place that color we give helpful suggestions and inform you of the painting process and the paint products we are using and why we are using them. All Interior or Exterior painting will be done in a timely professional manner. Your home will feel brand new again, guaranteed to make you happy.

  • Property Maintenance

    Have a many units or a apartment complex that needs some work give Danbury Painting a call we do it all! have a company that can establish and put together the right team of professionals for maintenance in the complex.
  • Prep to Sell properties

    Danbury Painting Simplifies your prep to sell project Let us help you! We know what sells and what doesn’t sell in today’s housing market. We can recommend many ideas on color selection that appeal mostly to buyers when trying to sell your home. We can paint and change the color of your homes exterior so that it will have major curb appeal which is a primary asset and essential when trying to sell your home. Danbury Painting makes selling your home simple, fun and exciting.
  • Hardwood floor Restoration

    Hardwood floor Restoration in Danbury CT if your wood flooring has a worn surface where small amounts of water are absorbing into the wood then its time to contact Danbury Painting for a refinishing of your wood floor. Danbury Painting Makes floors shine 1 plank at a time!
  • Fire and Water Damage Drywall

    Smoke and Water Damage to your drywall? Danbury Painting is at your service 24/7 ! We offer same day drywall and sheetrock repair in Danbury CT and surrounding areas. Well remove your old water damaged sheetrock and quickly replace it with crisp clean drywall befor any mold or mildew ever develops so quickly call us if you are in need of this service

    Installations of all Types We do it all from A to Z

    latex Painting and oil base painting
    Wall paper Install
    Wall Paper Removal
    Interior painting / Exterior painting
    High End Painting
    Drop Ceiling
    Tile Installation
    Pressure Washing
    High Lift Operations
    Chemical Stripping
    Trim and Door Painting
    Single stage Urethane’s
    Water born Staining
    Oil Staining
    Concrete Stain
    Deck Staining and Deck Refinishing