Results you can see!

Danbury Painting provides every client with a professional and punctual contracting experience in Danbury CT and Surrounding areas

We can professionally Paint, Spackle, Drywall, and Construct any project and the quality of our work speaks for itself.

Every painting and remodeling job develops a unique choreography as ladders go up, tools come out and tarps are unrolled

See below at the actual results of our contracting and finishing services. Providing experienced installation and repairing, repainting, painting, dry walling, plastering, taping, caulking basically anything you require to be done.

Painting a new office with many colors or pinstripes? or Maybe a bathroom renovation with a new bath tub, new tile floors, and new sinks? or how about kitchen remodeling? Exterior decks siding repair/repainting. Even commercial store fronts, industrial machines-  You can Call on Danbury Painting for anything at anytime.

Water Damage Basements, living rooms, bedrooms and the likes- are also transformed from ceiling to floor. 

Suspended ceiling tiles can be replaced, water soaked drywall can be promptly fixed.

Needing a new floor plan or wall layout? We are at your service from start to finish, Danbury Painting does Studding and Frame work and framing rooms, walls and closets. Even Rough plumbing, rough electrical, fans, lights, light switches, doors, door knobs, all hardware installs, trim, window,s and siding, roofing ….all installations replacements and repairs.

If you desire a Company that is qualified of taking care of every task for you, then you need Danbury Painting.

Jobs get done quickly efficiently and professionally all with great care and accuracy. 

You’ll be satisfied once your project is completed ON-TIME to exact specification, Guaranteed!.

Our ability in feathering and applying joint compound spackle and plastering is awesome the edges of all spackle applied will be well blended into the drywall.

Minor wall dings drywall divots in newly installed drywall and plaster will not exist.

Further more we appropriately apply a primer coating to every wall, interior or exterior, using the right amount of primer, which will also be tinted to the finish color (for best results) prior to final paint application.

Your interior or exterior painter service will absolutely be first class quality ! because we only use high grade material and you can bet that everything we paint will have a full bodied consistent look that only a professional painting contractor at Danbury Painting can provide. 

The important part about all this is that Danbury Painting is what is called a “Finishing Contractor” what that means for you is We put the final finish on everything.

So if you are in need of a restoration from water damage, a restoration from fire damage, mold or mildew damage, wear and tear if your inside or outside substrate needs painting or you require a renovation to your living area, room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

The company that is sure to provide you with incredible contracting and finishing service is Danbury Painting call today you will be happy you did!

Contact Danbury Painting today!