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Need Professional Deck Staining in Danbury Ct?

Deck Staining Danbury Ct

Danbury Painting can Enrich your wooden deck in just a few simple steps using top of the line deck stain.

Deck staining is key to protecting your porch or deck from the elements. There are many stain products to choose from that will meet your appearance needs.

Hold on There Tuff Guy! (or Girl)

Before you try and tackle a Deck Staining project yourself please consider the positives of having a professional Deck Staining Company, like Danbury Painting, Stain it for you!

We Offer the Following:

– Consistency

– Even full Coverage

– Product Knowledge

– Substrate Knowledge

– Guaranteed Deck Staining Results

– Quality, Quality, Quality!

Best of all it won’t take us forever!

Danbury Painting saves you money, time and energy. Homeowners who have ever started a do-it-yourself painting or Staining project understand the challenges of getting the job done right and on time.

Lets Face it…you don’t know what your doing

So Today! do yourself a favor and hire a professional painting and staining contractor in Danbury Ct. Hire Danbury Painting!

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Step 1: Surface Preparation

In order to successfully and professionally stain your deck in Danbury CT, Danbury Painting starts by thoroughly cleaning the surface removing dirt, debris, mildew, growth, any chipping and flaking. This can be accomplished Working on a sunny day or rainy day with a pressure washer.

Step 2: Choosing Your Deck Stain

We assist you in Determining what deck stain works best. We only use top of the line stain to ensure a long lasting product with a beautiful finish Result!

Solid Color Deck Staining Danbury Ct


Semi Transparent deck Stain Danbury CT


Stain Service Danbury Ct


Clear Stain Danbury Ct


Step 3: Protect Plants and Exterior walls

Danbury Painting will add painter’s tape ( in this case stainers tape) along any area where walls or sliding doors or windows meets the top of your deck. We also tarp off all plants and remove any furniture away from the staining surface prior application Protecting your Exterior walls and plants from application of stain to deck.

Step 4: Staining of your Deck

And were off! with great skill, coordination and staining technique we work hard to evenly apply the stain of your choice to your deck in Danbury Ct all work is guaranteed and all products are guaranteed!

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